What You Need to Know about Online Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is a serious offense that usually leads to a severe punishment. If you are a student, the minimal punishment you can get for plagiarizing is a zero grade on a paper/course.

What You Need to Know about Online Plagiarism Checkers

Cheating is nowadays one of the ways to complete written assignments. Some smart guys figured this out and decided to take counter-measures. Now, students have to struggle not only with their assignments but also with online plagiarism detection tools.

Let us explain you something about online plagiarism checkers, the ways teachers use them, and how you can benefit from online plagiarism checkers.

Online plagiarism checkers and teachers

Unfortunately, nowadays teachers cannot rely on students’ conscience and devotion to studies. This is why they use online plagiarism checkers almost each time while checking your essays and other works.

Such online plagiarism checkers as TurnitIn, EVE, or MyDropBox allow detecting plagiarized works quickly and easily. So, you should think twice before submitting someone’s work or copying someone’s ideas.

Online plagiarism checkers and students

Online plagiarism checkers can also be very beneficial for students in at least two ways.

Way #1

You are a dedicated student and academic honesty is your policy. You complete all your assignments independently. If you borrow someone’s ideas, you always cite them.

However, some mistakes in citing, which happens rather frequently, usually lead to accusations of plagiarism. So, online plagiarism checkers can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Way #2

Say for some reasons you used the services of a custom writing company and did not get a plagiarism report. In this case, online plagiarism checkers will also be very useful, and can even help you get back your money if the work received is plagiarized.

So, be careful and good luck with your studies!