Online Plagiarism Detector: Do not Let the Same Happen to You

You have heard many stories when students failed their courses just because they were caught plagiarizing. Well, here is one more story to convince you to never-ever plagiarize.

Online Plagiarism Detector: Do not Let the Same Happen to You

“I am basically an A student: I always do my homework, I try to plan my time, so that all my assignments are done ahead of time. But this time I got really overwhelmed with the homework I have received. Any of you would…

For that week, I had to finish three research papers – for my History, Biology and English Literature class. I was so stressed; I felt that I needed to do something about it. So, I decided to find some good paper online that I could use for my History class. I remember my History class teacher mentioning some online plagiarism detector, but I guess I did not think about it at all when I was going to find that paper online.

Fortunately or not, I found a paper that was exactly what I needed. So, when it came to paraphrasing I thought that I did not really have to do that, since my teacher would not probably use this online plagiarism detector.

So, the next day I submitted the paper – I was happy that I could focus on my other assignments now. However, in the evening our telephone rang – it was my History teacher. He told my parents that I failed the course, because I stole a paper. He said that a plagiarism detector found this online paper…”

This is a sad story… And you should realize that your teachers do take advantage of online plagiarism detectors. If you do not want to fail, you should produce your own piece, instead of stealing.