The Worst Paper Is Better than a Plagiarized One!

Here is a story: you are not very motivated to write this paper. You think that this assignment is kind of useless, with no positive impact on your knowledge or your final grade. So, you decide to relax and, for the first time in your life, you decide to plagiarize. You do not copy/paste the whole piece you find on the Internet, but you combine a few papers, copy/pasting the best parts of each source found. You think - everybody is doing it, so why cannot I do it once in my life?

The Worst Paper Is Better than a Plagiarized One!

Hundreds of students share your logic, by the way. However, this logic does not work with any online plagiarism finder .You see, plagiarism finder software does not identify whether this is the first time you plagiarize or not, and it simply shows the percentage of plagiarism. It is a program, it completely lacks emotions like compassion or understanding.

The majority of teachers use a certain plagiarism finder to make sure that all students are treated in the same way. Your teacher is not dreaming to catch you on plagiarizing, but he/she wants to see how hard you work, how much effort you put into your research. And such plagiarism finder is a great way to make the process of grading more fair, you should understand this.

After this plagiarism finder shows the percentage of plagiarism, your teacher decides whether your work can be considered original or not. Usually, the percentage of plagiarism should be no more than 5-7 percent, otherwise you will have troubles.

By the way, you can check whether your paper contains any instances of plagiarism and avoid all the troubles. Just search for some plagiarism finder online (it is not a plagarism finder or a plagerism finder; make sure you spell it correctly).

So, we advise you to think twice before you decide to plagiarize. It is better to produce a bad paper rather than a plagiarized one. And you can definitely prepare a good paper that deserves a high grade – just find some motivation!