How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

The sooner you learn how to avoid copyright infringement, the safer you will be. Saying that you should not copy and use other people’s researches and findings is useless. You will have to deal with them somehow, because they are a part of self-education.

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

However, if you do not know the way to acknowledge these people and their materials, it will be hard to avoid copyright infringement.

Before making any steps towards avoiding copyright infringement, make sure the object you are to take care of is really a matter of copyright. According to the law, not everything you use can be a matter of copyrighting issues.

Here is how you can avoid copyright infringement:

  1. Get permission to use materials. This is the most legal way. Besides, everyone will offer you this way once you face the problem. Getting an official permission will not be always easy, but in many cases, it is worth a shot, especially if we are talking about your dissertation, where avoiding copyright infringement becomes essential.
  2. Instead of copy-pasting, try digesting and saying with your own words. Ideas are not a matter of law suits. Their material realizations are.
  3. To avoid copyright infringement in academic assignments, always stick to the rules of quoting and using sources. If you quote someone, make it appropriately. Do not forget to send the reader to your list of references, where all the requisites of the quoted source have to be listed. This is a common practice. Such a list is not some additional headache for you, as most of the students think. It also does not serve only the teacher’s controlling interests. Such a list is a way to clear you from accusations of plagiarism.