Plagiarism: Why Does It Occur?

Have you ever wondered why do some students plagiarize? Our plagiarism analyzer team was working on this issue for quite a long time and here are the things we have found out:

Plagiarism: Why Does It Occur?
  • Students are under pressure of numerous assignments. We have noticed this trend: the more subjects or classes students take, the higher probability of plagiarizing. This is completely logical – if you have Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and American History projects coming up next week, you will probably consider plagiarizing to save some time.
  • Plagiarism is not always intentional. Our plagiarism analyzer team has found out that sometimes plagiarism pops out due to some citation rules violations, not because students wanted to “steal” somebody’s ideas.
  • Another interesting finding of our plagiarism analyzer team is that many students plagiarize because they see that their peers do this without being punished. So, this is an issue of fairness: why cannot I plagiarize if my best friend does it all the time without being caught?!
  • One more common trend related to the issue of plagiarism is that students do not find it necessary to paraphrase information or research they have found. They are thinking: “I will not say better than this smart researcher did, so why should I bother doing it?”
  • Finally, our plagiarism analyzer team made a conclusion that the more teachers take advantage of anti-plagiarism programs and inform students about their anti-plagiarism measures, the less students actually try to plagiarize intentionally.

Certainly, you might have your own valuable suggestions as for the reasons for plagiarizing. So, you are more than welcome to create your own plagiarism analyzer team and start researching this issue.