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Established in 2007, PlagiarismAnalyzer.org works to prevent and stop the spread of intentional plagiarism. Our team always strives to promote honesty and fairness across all areas of writing and research.

Our Mission

We developed professional plagiarism detection software to provide the highest level of protection against copyright infringement. By delivering robust and accurate results, we commit to protecting our customers' reputation.

We Say 'No' to Plagiarism

Writers, editors, publishers, researchers, teachers and students are all concerned with the issue of plagiarism. That's why we maintain the best plagiarism checker — to ensure that your writing is unique and authentic.

Endorse Education

Academic honesty principles do not tolerate plagiarism, neither we do. We implement the most up-to-date technologies and solutions for plagiarism detection. Using PlagiarismAnalyzer, educators can dedicate more time to teaching, and students are able to develop their own ideas without borrowing content.

Give Credit Where It's Due

With the development of the internet, it became easier to plagiarize someone's work. Here, at PlagiarismAnalyzer.com, we stand against replication without giving proper credit to the original author, and strive to protect the transparency and integrity of the learning process.

Fair Standards for All

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect regarding their authorship and copyrights. Following a one fair standard for all that encompasses students, teachers, bloggers, copywriters, and content creators, will boost the creation of original content.

PlagiarismAnalyzer Technology

We use an AI-powered search algorithm to assess your texts and combine it with search results from various sources. Use PlagiarismAnalyzer to make sure that your content is 100% authentic.

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