Copyright Infringement – Bad Things about It!

Copyright infringement…Wow, it sounds so complicated. However, in reality, copyright infringement can be defined using three words: stealing someone’s work. Copyright infringement is usually illegal, since it violates copyright laws.

Copyright Infringement – Bad Things about It!

Let us look at some examples of copyright infringement.

First example of copyright infringement: downloading music and movies.

This is a very popular type of “sharing” music and movies, but this is actually piracy, which is illegal. This example of copyright infringement proves that the techniques and tools for fighting against piracy has not been found yet, since hundreds of people continue distributing pirated copies of movies and music. Even the warnings about copyright laws and punishment for “camming” a movie do not help today – people continue making money on stealing and selling somebody’s ideas.

Second example of copyright infringement: plagiarizing written works.

This example of copyright infringement belongs to the category of high school/university rules’ violations that can even lead to expulsion. Plagiarizing somebody’s work and presenting it as your own is another type of piracy, since you have no right to use this work unless you cite it properly. So, be careful about plagiarizing – you can get caught very easily and get punished very severely.

These two examples of copyright infringement are the most common ones that we face every day. However, everything is up to us – we can either ignore this issue or do something about it. Certainly, you do not find these issues appealing until you produce a worthwhile piece of writing, music, video and it gets stolen and spread over the Internet. Only then, you will realize that copyright infringement should be prevented by all possible means.

So, if you decide to fight against copyright infringement, you should start with yourself, never copying or recording information that belongs to somebody.