Plagiarism Detector Software: More than Just Web Plug-Ins

Plagiarism detector software is a wide term that covers much more than just plug-ins that you use to ensure your writing is original. Usually, the term ā€œplagiarism detector softwareā€ refers to numerous online services that scan web pages and check them for plagiarism, ensuring the web content of the checked site is unique. Did you know that? No? Then, we will devote this article to plagiarism detector software that deals with web content.

Plagiarism Detector Software: More than Just Web Plug-Ins

Plagiarism detector software: why do they use it?

Perhaps, the most common reason to use such online service is to check copywriting content. Certainly, every professional copywriter checks it himself/herself: after all, his status depends on the originality of his/her material. Yet, we hope you will agree that it is unwise to rely upon oneā€™s professionalism if it is not yet proved by an unquestionable reputation. Thus, editors who order copywriting services usually use plagiarism detector software to crosscheck every piece of writing.

Other regular clients of plagiarism detector software are those companies whose business is all about writing: custom writing companies, resume writing services, etc. Their reputation depends on the originality and uniqueness of their work. Thus, every piece of writing and every site page of theirs should be checked for plagiarism on a regular basis.

Plagiarism detector software: security levels

Plagiarism detector software usually deals with three security levels.

  1. Plagiarism-free site means that every page of your website is checked for plagiarism and is proved to be absolutely unique.
  2. Plagiarism-free writing service means that every paper or piece of writing produced by a website (usually, a custom writing service) is original.
  3. Completely plagiarism-free website means that both web content (i.e. site pages) and every order (i.e. every paper produced) is validated by plagiarism detector software and is proved to be original.