Avoiding Plagiarism: Tips from Master Writers

Every physician will tell you that there is no better way to get rid of some illness than to completely avoid it by living a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps, it is somewhat strange to compare plagiarism with a disease. However, it is much better to avoid plagiarism completely than to allow it to ruin your reputation.

Avoiding Plagiarism: Tips from Master Writers

Based on this, only one question remains: how to do it? Therefore, we will dedicate this article to the techniques of avoiding plagiarism.

Avoiding plagiarism by extensive reading

Ironically enough, the first and foremost technique of avoiding plagiarism has nothing to do with writing, checking oneself and detection software. The most efficient way of avoiding plagiarism is extensive reading. By doing this you broaden your vocabulary, get used to different phrase constructions and pick up numerous methods and techniques of writing. It will not be a problem for you to write several distinctive texts with thousands of books read. A thousand! — one might scream. Allow us to assure you: you will need a single year to read thousand books with an average reading speed.

Avoiding plagiarism by starting anew

Another technique of avoiding plagiarism is to forbid yourself to read and reread sources. Have you already read it? Fine. Have you gotten the gist of what you are going to write about? Excellent. Now, open a blank document, start writing and do not cast a single glance at the source. Construct your own phrases regardless of how rough they are. You will smoothen them later. Avoiding plagiarism is of much greater importance than a clumsy style. The latter leaves you a place to evolve and develop. The former will ruin your writing reputation forever.