How to Check a Paper for Plagiarism

Everything has to be perfect. And that essay or term paper you worked on the entire night as well. So, you sit in front of your computer, type in something like “how to check for plagerism”, and nothing happens. Well, the first thing you should remember is: the word “plagiarism” is written with “ia”. Such silly mistake as misspelling might hamper the progress of your work.

How to Check a Paper for Plagiarism

Let us move on. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways how you can check for plagiarizing pretty much everything written. You can choose from a number of services and can either pay for them or find those that offer services for free. We choose a budget swap.

The question how to check for plagiarism is simple to answer with today’s technologies. A lot of plagiarism detection engines have a database of already scanned and published texts, so whenever a new one appears, you can detect pretty much everything – from a 100 percent plagiarism to just a tiny bit of it. In many ways an answered question “How to check a paper for plagiarism?” has saved a lot of time and nerves, because before these services appeared students had to Google every sentence, trying to answer the question “How to check for plagiarism.”

So, how to check for plagiarism:

  • register on a chosen software site;
  • upload your paper;
  • wait while it is being scanned;
  • get a report.

Of course, the question “How to check a paper on plagiarism?” will not even pop up if you do not steal anything without proper citations. Otherwise, you will simply have to rewrite the entire paper.