Plagiarism Detectors: Do not Forget about Them

Are you the one who likes using the services of custom writing companies, or downloading free papers, or using some other a bit “illegal” ways to complete school assignments?

Plagiarism Detectors: Do not Forget about Them

Well, we are here not to judge you or talk about academic honesty. The choice is always up to you.

We are here to remind you about plagiarism detectors that are widely used by teachers today. Plagiarism detector software allows teachers to spot easily whether you have completed an assignment independently or stolen someone’s ideas.

Let us explain you something about plagiarism detectors so that you know how they work and how to keep your secrets unrevealed.

Plagiarism detectors: how they work

In a few words, plagiarism detectors compare submitted documents with a huge number of other documents on the Web. If some parts in the submitted document match with the parts in online documents, a paper is considered plagiarized.

Different types of plagiarism detectors

There are free plagiarism detectors that anybody can download such as Plagiarismdetect, eTblast, Plagium, and some others.

There are also commercial plagiarism detectors like Turnitin, Copyscape, SafeAssign, and others.

Is it possible to “cheat” plagiarism detectors?

You know, everything is possible, and deceiving computer programs is possible as well.

You should just take some precautions every time you decide to “cheat”.

If you download papers, always read them carefully and make some changes so that they fit your writing style and teacher’s requirements.

If you use custom writing services, make sure you order your papers from trustworthy companies that do not make empty promises.

So, be careful and good luck!