Quick, easy, but reliable solutions

Plagiarismanalyzer.com offers web-based plagiarism detection. We provide quick, easy, but reliable solutions to companies globally.

You do not need to install, download, or maintain any software to check a paper for plagiarism.

Detecting plagiarism

We use unique software that allows us checking documents against the information available online.

How does such plagiarism detecting software work? It searches within the database of archived and current pages of web content as well as online newspapers, magazines, journals and books.

We do not:

  • -Store submitted documents in databases, archives
  • -Profit from the works submitted
  • -Share any kind of information with third parties

We do:

  • -Integrate plagiarism analyzer into existent software applications
  • -Guarantee timely delivery regardless the size of documents
  • -Cover unlimited number of documents to be checked

Becoming a customer

If you are interested in the integration of a plagiarism analyzer into your software application, contact us.

What does it give you?

If you are a copywriting company or provide writing services and need all of the content to be checked for plagiarism prior to being posted or distributed online on a daily basis, the integration of a plagiarism analyzer is the best, easiest, and most efficient solution. This 100% paperless system saves time by organizing the process of detecting digital plagiarism and avoiding copyright infringement.
All you need is to send a query with the required number of checks to be run daily and approximate document size. We will return with the price quote.